Vivid Bridal Boutique Services

We will help you sort through your inspiration to discover the vision that will guide your final choice.

Gown Appointments

Trying on bridal gowns is unlike any other shopping experience. These beautiful pieces, so unlike our everyday wear, require an expert guide to lead every bride. More...

Extended Hours

Please call or email if you would like special accommodations for your shopping experience. Take time trying our products in a private setting. More…

Wedding Dress Alterations

Where magic happens! We work side by side with a trusted seamstress with more than 20 years in the bridal world. She will meet with you at the store and guide…More…


Coming soon

Gown Preservation

After your dream day it is time to preserve your wedding gown. You want to love the most important dress of your life forever and forever beautiful keep it… More…

Wedding Dress & Steam

We offer a wide range of services way after the event has passed to keep your memories alive. Available also for outside brides. Call or email for more information..

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