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Find here answers to most asked questions about our services and products. Please get in touch with us in case you can’t find an answer to your question among the list below.

What is your price range?

There’s a dress for every bride at Vivid Bridal Boutique, so we proudly have a wide range of prices that vary between $1300 and $4000. Most of our gowns are between $1,600 – $2,800.
We also have in our inventory, gowns ready to go with you the same day of your bridal appointment. Perfect for brides with a close wedding day.
We always ask our brides for their budget to make sure we find a dress for the right price. We love to help everyone and respecting your budget is a must for us!

What sizes are your samples?

Our sample sizes range from 8 to 28. Wedding dresses run up to three sizes-small, depending on the designer as each one has its own size chart. For example, if you’re a street size 8, chances are in bridal you’ll be a 12 or 14 depending on the designer and silhouette. Don’t feel discouraged! You’re beautiful and this is just a number. Your dress will not really be your size until it is altered to your body shape in alterations 😉

Do you carry Plus Size dresses?

Absolutely YES! Vivid Bridal Boutique is all about embracing everybody and every shape.

Not only do we have Plus Size dresses but also offer dresses that are specifically made for the curvy bride. We carry a line specialized in Plus Size brides.

What is a Sample Sale?

Sometimes we just need to make space for the new arrivals and the best way to do it is by selling some of our inventory off the rack. During this event, we select some gowns, offer special discounts and you can take The One that same day. Because it is a Sample Sale, the dress is sold in “as is” condition. Good news: We take extremely good care of our inventory 🙂

Do I need to make an appointment to try on dresses?

We highly recommend all our brides to schedule an appointment. This is the only way we can assure that you’ll have a fitting room designated to you as well as a bridal stylist to help the moment you enter our doors.

I did not schedule an appointment but I want to come in. Will you help me?

We always want to help our brides. If you come in on a day that all our consultants are busy with brides that scheduled appointments, we will welcome you and most likely kindly suggest you to schedule a time that we can provide the best customer service you can possibly have. If for some reason one of us is free, then we will start helping you find your dress right away. Just please understand that if we are with brides that have been scheduled we want to assure to also give them our full attention. We truly believe in being with our brides every step of the way.

How do I book an appointment?

You can visit our website, give us a call or send us an email. Through our website, it might be the most convenient way to book your appointment as you can see both our available spots and your schedule at the same time. It is super easy!

Is there a fee to book an appointment?

Yes. At Vivid Bridal Boutique, it is all about you!
We offer personalized and memorable experiences to all of our brides. Each bride is assigned to a bridal stylist to ensure a one-on-one appointment to maximize your time with us and to help you to find your dream wedding dress. A $45 fee will be charged at the time of your booking and will be applied to your wedding dress purchase when you buy the same day. If you need a second appointment, it will be complimentary.

Much Love from Us to You!

How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

We are a small boutique and for this reason, we ask our brides to limit their guests to 3 people. We really want to have everyone comfortably seated to enjoy your appointment. We understand that some of you would like to bring a big entourage, but we are pretty sure that you want them to be comfortable. Also, on a side note, let us share a very important tip: Big entourages can end up in too many opinions and this can be very overwhelming to you. Think of the people that you really want to be there to help you to find your dress and that you want to share this very special moment. Plus, at our store, you can take pictures, record videos, and FaceTime. These are great tools to share your memories with those that couldn’t be at the appointment.

If you would like to bring a bigger party, give us a call and we can set up a weekday for an appointment or you can opt for one of our Special Private Appointments.


*Due to the current Covid-19 situation the 3 max guest policy is valid for every day of the week.

What should I bring to my appointment?

This is more up to you, for real. Some brides like to bring strapless bras and “Spanx” for more comfort while trying on dresses. If you have a family heirloom, such as a veil or any jewelry, please feel free to bring it with you. Chances are, you will find your dream dress at our store and you don’t want to be wondering if that special piece goes well with it. At Vivid Bridal, we have pedestals for you to stand and for this reason, we don’t have high heels. We kind of feel that it is more hygienic and also not everyone wears the same size and style 😉

When should I order my dress?

When we say that wedding dresses take up to 8 months to come in, we mean it. Depending on the designer and time of the year, that’s really the turnaround. Also, the majority of the brides need alterations and at Vivid Bridal Boutique, we like to start this process two to three months out of your wedding day. Another aspect attached to the wedding dress shopping is… everything else! Until you buy your dress, a lot of other things are on hold, such as bridesmaids dresses, decorations, flowers, etc. Simply because this is your day and everything goes around you. No pressure lol.

I am on a diet and I’m pretty sure a few months from now I will lose weight. When should I order my dress?

If you’re on that year or so timeline before your wedding, you don’t want to wait for your diet results as you might get to the point that you’ll have to pay for a rush fee to get your dress on time, especially since not all the dresses are available for rush. You know your body and we know our work. When you find your dress, we will guide you through the designer’s size chart and together we will find the size that we should order for you. Email us or Call us.

My dress arrived and is big on me because for some reason I lost weight. Will I pay more in alterations?

At Vivid Bridal Boutique, it costs the same to take in one inch or three inches. It is how many parts of the dress that we have to work on that will “decide” how much your alterations will cost.

I was measured at a specific size. Will I still need alterations even if I ordered the right size?

Most likely, yes. Let’s put it this way: Two brides are the same size, but they have different body shapes. So, one might need to have her dress altered in one area and the other might need different alterations. Also, when we order a certain size for you, we are ordering the one that is closest to your measurements and body. However, keep in mind that this is still a commercial size and not a custom made dress.

When should I start alterations on my dress?

We recommend starting this process two to three months out from your wedding day. Because we have an in-store seamstress – and she’s the best – we can also customize your gown if you need to. Usually it takes three alterations’ appointments to have your dress ready for the big day. Very important: you can’t schedule this type of appointment online. You must call the store to set up a date and time for your fittings. 

Do you do alterations on gowns purchased elsewhere?

It depends on the date of your wedding. During the busy season, we dedicate all our time to our brides only. The best thing to do is to give us a call and a consultant will let you know our seamstress’s availability.

Are all sales final at your store?

Yes. Simply because when we order a dress for you, the designer immediately starts the process of cutting it for you or if it is something in production they make that dress yours. The designers don’t let us switch dresses and for that reason we can’t take any orders back. If you buy a dress off the rack and take it home with you, let’s think about it for a quick second: Would you like to buy a dress that has been at someone else’s house and then returned to the store? No, right? So we don’t take any dresses back.

All sales are final, no exception. Good news is: We are not pushy AT ALL. We will not sell you a dress until you are 100% sure that that is your dress. So, no reason to bring it back

I’m only a few months away from my wedding and I haven’t bought my dress. Can you help me?

We love you already, okay? We will do absolutely everything in our power to find you the most beautiful wedding dress there is. The first step is to schedule an appointment with us. The good news is that our designers are great with in-stock inventory and we can check what they have in production and grab your dress ASAP. Also, we have a great selection of off the rack dresses and if you fall in love with one of these you can take it home with you the same day as your appointment. How great is this? So, yes! We can help you: Email us or Call Us

*If you’re reading this during the COVID-19 situation, please schedule a Virtual Consultation or an in-store appointment for when we reopen. We should reopen our boutique either after May 8Th or June 10th, depending on the Governors’ Guidelines.

Will it be difficult to find a parking space when I visit your store?

Not at all! We are located in a street mall with plenty of parking space. And it is free!

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